Welcome to Qjeten E-shop. You're not overhelmed by dozens of products here what helps to keep focus. If you thing about purchasing our album you've just entered the right web section. We have got one officialy released album. It's named Jediná deska and you can have it just by clicking few times below.

Jediná deska

Qjeten - Jediná deska

1. Renaissance /Květa Krejčová/
2. Come On! /Michal R. Cádra/
3. Spanish /Květa Krejčová/
4. Ruin And Woe /Michal R. Cádra/
5. Funky /Michal R. Cádra/
6. Dreams /Michal R. Cádra/
7. No Chance /Květa Krejčová/
8. Droplet By Droplet /Květa Krejčová/
9. Sea Fairy /Květa Krejčová/
10. Caprice Of Rain /Květa Krejčová/
11. By End Of Summer /Květa Krejčová/
12. 1815 /Michal R. Cádra/
13. Teasing /Květa Krejčová/
14. No protest nor sulk /Květa Krejčová/
15. Libertango /Astor Piazzolla/

Qjeten musicians: Květa Krejčová - Mashi-Ko Kocourková - paPája Matyáš - Tunda Teller - Michal Rudolf Cádra. Guest Jakub Severin.


Sound: Miloš Rábl.

Recorded during 2012 - 2013 in Solopisky, CZE.

Cover Design, Production and all the other stuff: Qjeten selfmade.
With a help from City Section Praha Radotín.


Cena:   160 ,- CZK